4 Metabolism Myths and Facts


It’s time to unveil the truth of metabolism and how it affects weight loss and gain

Have you been complaining about someone eating a lot while not gaining a pound? Compared to yourself, even after a whole day in the gym, or simply eating a small piece of cookies, your weight shoot up. All this are due to the individual differences in metabolism, muscle mass and physical activity.

Metabolism is the process by which our bodies convert what we eat into the energy we need to survive and function. It powers everything from breathing to blinking. A fast metabolism is like a hot furnace that burns through fuel (calories) quickly. A slow metabolism needs less fuel to keep a body running.

Your resting metabolic rate is responsible for about 60 percent of the calories you burn. Hence, by having a good mix of physical activities and resting metabolic rate boost will surely aid you in the journey of weight-loss.

Myth 1: We can’t change our metabolic rates

The truth: It’s without doubt that the genetics play a big part in determining our metabolic rate, however, we can increase metabolic rate by increasing lean muscle mass, hence, weight-lifting. Our muscles burns more calories than fat, that’s why people with more lean muscle in their body can easily reduce their body fat relatively easier. OR, simply eat more! Your body is smart enough to make modification in metabolic rate in order to burn more calories, so when you are dieting, try the carb cycle methods.

Myth 2: Green tea and chili peppers can boost metabolism.

The truth: Yeah, you are right, they can boost your metabolic rate in a short period of time, let’s say a few hours. However, it’s still not enough to compensate eating too much. As if drinking coffee, it can literally boost your metabolism for 10-12%, however, the sugar and the cream you added to your coffee are certainly way higher than the calories you will burn due to the effect of coffee.

You have to maintain a healthy and balanced diet along with some tea and chili peppers, but not solely count of the magical food while at the same time eating burgers and snacks.

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Myth 3: I should not eat at late night

The truth: People have been believing that eating at night will gain more weight than eating more in daytime. The fact is no matter what time you are eating, it all comes to the extra calories you get from eating those extra food. The calories add up while you are snacking, drinking sugary drinks, etc. An extra cookie you eat per day, after 1 month, you will gain 2 pounds!!!

Myth 4: Eat low-calorie diet and skipping meals help boost weight loss

The truth: As mentioned above, your body are smart to mildly modified your metabolism based on the amount of food you eat. Eating low-calorie diet and skipping meals may be the fastest way to see weight loss result, however, it’s also the shortest time needed to bounce back. Because once your body have adapts to the restricted caloric intake, the resting metabolism drop, hence, once you start to eat more, your weight shoot up again. There is no shortcut to weight loss, try a mix of exercise and meal plan that work for you.

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