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Health Fuzz is a site providing latest health and nutrition facts and tips.

Hi, everyone, I am Yik, one of the publishers of Health Fuzz, I am an expert in nutrition and exercise science.
People have been asking me questions on ways to alleviate or even cure their sickness, instead of finding
a way to prevent it. The money spend on medical treatment if you don’t follow a healthy living style is far more
than you can expert.

Therefore, me and my team are so excited that we can finally make good use of what we learnt in the field and
share with you all in layman terms. Don’t worry if you have no idea about linoleic acid, beta-carotene, dopamine.
We will share with you about all these nutrition and health tips that you may not aware of.

So, we need your support and help to make this work. If you are also in the nutrition and medical field,
feel free to contact us if you would like to join us.

Sorry for the long post, here is my avocado cushion

 Go search for the benefit of eating avocado!!


Currently we are collecting suggestions for the type of content needed for the site.
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Moreover, below are some of the free tips we would like to share with you:

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